Fitzroy Island Weather

Fitzroy Island Weather has average winter weather of 26° and a summer temperature of 31°.

The tropical waters of the Australian north-east coast, so the temperatures will range from 24-35 degrees celsius (75-88 F) in summer and remain close to that for most of the year. Ocean breezes help to offset the warmer temperatures and provide a cooling effect. The sheltered waters also help to regulate temperatures.

The winter months of July and August are a peak tourist season as the temperatures range from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 26, which still makes for ideal tropical weather.

The tropical location means there is not so much a four-season year, but two: wet and dry. The dry season from May through to October features lower humidity and lower temperatures. The wet season that coincides with summer months features higher humidity and spectacular tropical rainfall, bringing tropical colours to life.


June – August:

The ‘winter’ months are a peak tourist season given the milder tropical climate.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching draw crowds for whale watching as the winter humpback and dwarf minke whale annual migrations offer sensational viewing experiences and the chance to swim alongside them.

September – December:

The warm waters are a delight for marine-life enthusiasts at this time of year for the annual amazing spectacle of coral spawning, critical to the reef ecosystem’s health.


The giant female black marlin also arrives to spawn along this stretch of the Great Barrier Reef.

December – April:

It is called the ‘wet’ season, but it is also the ‘green’ season as the summer rains bring the tropical environs to life.

With sunny days and lush greenery mean stunning backdrops for your holiday snaps. Fewer crowds and amazing deals on tours and accommodation make it pretty special, too!