Nudey Beach

Nudey Beach ranked number one in Brad Farmers’ Australia’s 101 Best Beaches awards for 2018.  This beach is a spectacular white coral beach with a long and colourful history and well worth visiting.

Nudey BeachWhere Is Nudey Beach?

Nudey Beach is a  pristine white sand and coral beach bordered by sparkling aqua-blue waters with large granite boulders located on the southwest coast of Fitzroy Island.

Fitzroy Island is a large continental island 29 kilometres south of Cairns in North Queensland.  Ninety-five per cent of Fitzroy Island is Fitzroy Island, National Park.

How Do You Get There?

Starting in Cairns, check in at the Reef Fleet Terminal, then take a 45-minute ride with the Fitzroy Flyer or Sunlover Cruises.  Once you arrive at Welcome Bay, visitors staying on the island can check in at the Fitzroy Island Resort.

Start your walk south from Welcome Bay along the Nudey Beach Walking Track, which visitors can access behind the bar near Foxy’s.  This 15-minute walk winds through tropical rainforest and coastal woodlands before opening onto the stunning, award-winning white coral beach.

Take your time on this walk to enjoy the stunning natural beauty and some of the native wildlife, including cockatoos, scrub fowls, white-tailed sea eagles, and goannas.

The walk is relatively easy, and walking shoes are required.  Visitors should bring a towel and swimsuit to make the most of their time at the beach when they arrive.

Things to do

Nudey Beach is ideal for laying out a towel and soaking up some of the warm tropical weather that exists all year.  This beach is usually quiet, with not too many people visiting at any one time.

Swim and snorkel among the colourful marine life in the shallow, fringing coral reefs close to the beach.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island