Fitzroy Island WEATHER

Enjoy hiking, snorkelling and beach kayaking.

Most of the island is National Park which provides outstanding hiking leading to a summit with breathtaking views.

There are countless islands on the Great Barrier Reef, ranging from exclusive havens to touristy traps. Fitzroy Island is unique – the most accessible access to Cairns’ mainland city and the best equipped for day trips or more extended stays for all kinds of travellers.

There is a reason this is the local’s favourite! Let us help you plan your getaway to Fitzroy Island. Check out the best tours, things to do, Fitzroy Island attractions and sightseeing, what’s on, food and drink delights, and accommodation.

Begin your escape to Fitzroy Island right now.  Visit our page on how to get to Fitzroy Island to start your adventure.

Fitroy Island Tours

Fitzroy Island Day Trip

A visit to this tropical island is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. The lush rainforest meets sandy beaches before giving way to the marine life and...

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Fitzroy Island Ferry

Fitzroy Ferry departs several times a day from Cairns Choose from halfday fullday and resort accommodation Prices start at for an adult for a child

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