Fitzroy Island walks and hikes

Fitzroy Island walks are at the top of the list when you are looking at things to do on Fitzroy Island.

Nudey Beach

Nudey Beach

Chasing an unforgettable family experience you’ll be talking about in years to come?

A short walk to Nudey Beach during a day trip or overnight stay on Fitzroy Island will provide memories to last a lifetime.

Nestled on the left side of Fitzroy, Nudey Beach is as close to paradise as it comes, with its turquoise waters and silky sands winning over thousands of visitors each year.

Once on Fitzroy, take the Nudey Beach 1.2km track, which usually takes about 45 minutes to return. From the trailhead, you’ll walk through the rainforest on mostly flat ground and along a clear and easy to follow track before arriving at Nudey, judged the country’s most beautiful beach in the annual top 101 beaches awards in 2018.

From here, you can soak up the sun, dip your toes in the crystal clear water or perhaps snorkel in the waters around the beach.

Whatever you choose to do, a day spent on Nudey Beach is one you’ll remember forever.

Secret Garden walk

If you’re looking for something slightly more adventurous, a 45-minute walk along the Island’s secret garden walk could be just for you.

Winding its way through lush, tropical rainforest and past large boulders, you can’t help but feel totally enchanted by the walk’s surrounding beauty throughout the 700-metre trail.

Meandering along the secret garden walk is like stepping back in time, a magical and mysterious fantasyland that provides endless bewilderment and beauty around the next twist and turn.

Make sure you spend a few minutes at the walk’s viewing platform, situated at the return end of the walk. From here, you can watch the waters of a seasonal stream or listen to the birds as they chirp throughout the rainforest.

Lighthouse Walk

Another must-do on the Island is a 3.6km return trek to the Island’s lighthouse.

For those not interested in tackling Fitzroy’s summit but still want spectacular views and a great adventure, this might be the experience for you.

On a clear day, the island’s main north side lookout point provides great views to Green Island and beyond.

An added feature of this walk is the possibility of spotting a frolicking humpback whale off into the distance during their annual migration through the waters of Far North Queensland.

Fitzroy Island Summit hike

The island’s summit track is the premier hiking experience and adventure on the island for the serious and fitness-minded.

The 4km return, grade four trail, which generally takes three hours to complete, winds its way through the Island’s ancient rainforest and distinctive coastal woodlands before it gets noticeably steeper nearing the summit.

The summit, at 269 metres, provides stunning panoramic views of the Island and the Coral Sea.

If you’re an experienced hiker, this little beauty shouldn’t pose too many problems. However, it’s not a walk to be underestimated.

It’s recommended to take at least three litres of water, plenty of food and sun protection. It’s also advisable to consider doing the walk during the dry season and in the cooler months, from May to September.

Fitzroy Island walking maps

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